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You can buy ALL THE MUSIC and get all my music that way, or purchase individual tracks. If you are financially challenged, just ask and I can arrange downloads at no cost. May God bless  you through the music he gives me.


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Gerald Sharp believes he was given a gift , when he came to Christ in his early teens. This songwriting gift and in particular his ability to put the word of God into song has been attested to by many. Read some testimonies and see what others have had to say. In the September edition of Joy Magazine 1996, he was referred to by Nick Coetzee of Rain Music, as an "An incredible songwriter" and some of his songs have found airplay on South African radio. These songs, most of which you will find nowhere else in the world, trace a life that attests to the mercy and faithfulness of God. Often the word of God finds a home in these melodic offerings, making many of these songs, truly uplifting.  

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